A Vessel Full Of Void + dj MyMan

A Vessel Full Of Void + dj MyMan


Evento concluso
Venerdì 25 nov 2022 21:30



A Vessel Full of Void started as a solo impro music session in an
electronic, noise, harsh, ambient and psych style. The need to involve
other artists from different media soon became evident and the set
turned into a collective performance including live visuals, dancers,
musicians, painters, performance art etc
The nature of the project changed rapidly moving from the initial
introspective and grim approach to the joy of creating a very concrete
but extemporary connection between people through art as a mean to
share one’s individual experience.
This is the nature of the proposal. Set all the gear. Create a
temporary performance environment. Invite those present to play with
us. Give the hosting location a shake from the ordinary.

Aftershow w/ Dj MyMan

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