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Claxy story began in the 1990s. Long before the project was born, the
diversity of Rio de Janeiro served as stepping stones. Singer-songwriter
Clara Valente and music producer Gui Gautreaux fused MPB (Brazilian
Popular Music) influences with cosmopolitan flavors of afrobeat and pop.
From 2020 onwards, this mixture was enriched by an electronic music
immersion. Claxy came into life.
Clara Valente independently released the album "Mil Coisas" in 2014, with
a traditional world-music approach. Since then, the duo performed in more
than 100 cities around the world, from Brazil to Argentina, the USA, the
United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, and the Czech
Republic. The duo also delivered performances at the renowned SXSW
In 2017, they moved together to Mannheim, Germany, and were
bombarded with new stimuli. It took them a while, but Claxy is a direct
product of processing all that out together with their Brazilian
background. In early 2020, their experiences culminated in the official
birth of Claxy.
The project aspire to transcend the stereotypes of Brazilian and electronic
dance music. It is their attempt to update sublime melodies and rhythms
of their home country and present it to younger audiences worldwide.
Claxy values authenticity, inspired by the dualities of life. Provides music
for both moments of reflection and leisure. Displays strength and delicacy
at the same time. And focus on an elegant construction of bossa-nova
melodies within the electronic music genre. The soundscape possibilities
of modern music allowed a fruitful connection between both cultures.
Their 2021 releases by the Italian label Natura Viva are a perfect
reflection of these characteristics. Their EPs evoke melancholic feelings
and sounds like poetry, bringing tones of mystery, lightness and depth.
This is the "beginning" of Claxy, who will continue producing music with no
expiration date, recording the soundtrack of a lifetime.

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