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Dropdead, Escuela Grind

Dropdead, Escuela Grind


Saturday Jul 20, 2024 01:00 pm


Sabato 20 Luglio 2024

Live al Freakout Club


Dropdead formed in January of 1991. Over the years we've played hundreds of shows and fests, recorded albums, and EP's and traveled all over the world. In 2021 we had our 30th anniversary. We are still moving forward with fresh energy and ongoing appreciation for the underground music community. We couldn't do this without you! We appreciate it and don't take it for granted! Thank you!

Through punishingly short, and dynamic songs, Escuela Grind delivers politically charged lyrics inspired by modern anxieties, unrest, and the roots of Hardcore Punk, Grindcore, and Power Violence. While members Katerina Economou, Jesse Fuentes (Kill the Client, Creator|Destroyer), Jason Balthazar Eldridge (Hearse), and Kris Morash (Your Brain on Drugs) span from different parts of the United States; the band has been based in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts since its first shows in 2016.

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