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Leon Hendrix & Fulvio Feliciano Band - In the name of Jimi

Leon Hendrix & Fulvio Feliciano Band - In the name of Jimi


Friday Mar 15, 2024 09:30 pm


Siamo onorati di ospitare per la prima volta al Giardino 2.0 Leon Hendrix fratello di Jimi, accompagnato per l’occasione dal miglior tributo italiano a Jimi Henedrix con la Fulvio Feliciano Band, sarà una serata dove lo spirito di Jimi aleggerà sicuramente sul nostro palco.

Leon Morris Hendrix (born January 13, 1948) is an American painter,
songwriter, and musician who began playing the guitar later in life and has released several albums. He is the brother of famous American rock guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix.
The Leon Hendrix Band released two albums, Keeper of the Flame in 2006, as well as the earlier Seattle Rain. In 2012, touring in USA and Europe (Italy – Kosovo – Macedonia – Poland – United Kingdom and more).
Hendrix published a biography of his brother titled Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story. It was co-written by Adam Mitchell and published by St. Martin’s Press.
Leon appeared in the 2004 documentary about his brother, Jimi Hendrix: By Those Who Knew Him Best, that also featured musician Sammy Drain and Octavia inventor Roger Mayer
“Leon vividly recounts Jimi’s tough childhood in Seattle, and his amazing rise to fame. From Jimi’s experimentation with the sound and vibration of plucking wires attached to the posts of their brass bed to the moment he picked up his first stringed instrument, this is a fresh and personal look at an enduring icon from the brother who was there from the beginning. Leon illuminates the origin and meaning of classic Hendrix tunes, which Jimi would play for his
brother over the phone as he wrote them on the road. He also chronicles the complicated Hendrix family dynamic, the culture of sex and drugs that came with Jimi’s stardom, and his tragic death. This captivating account sheds new light on rock and roll’s genuine legend”

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