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Onosecond / Presents Talpah & Deepho + Ka-raba

Onosecond / Presents Talpah & Deepho + Ka-raba


Evento concluso
Sabato 23 set 2023 17:00 04:00


Our new season at Ink Club is finally starting and we’re thrilled to announce the guests that will boost the next OᑎOᔕEᑕOᑎᗪ nights! 💓

👾 from 17.00 free workshop “Jeopardize your face” w/ Soukaina Abrour

👾 from 22.00 until late set by:
22.00-23.30 ~ Laada
23.30-00.30 ~ Talpah & Deepho (live rap act)
00.30-02.00 ~ KA-RABA
02.00-04.00 ~ JIIJI

✺ Workshop
“Jeopardize your face” is a workshop-based practice in which we take the time and space to explore - through materials and fabrics that have already known multiple lives before reaching our hands - new shapes that will wrap our face, through play, experimentation and useless and collective work.
“Jeopardize your face” is a reflection on the face as a vector of meanings and on masking as a chance of emancipation from the uniqueness offered to us by biology.
It is a workshop that finds its home in the Party whereby the transformations of the self, music and dance can come together through the freedom of experiencing non-everyday multitudes.

✺ Laada
"Laada" is the solo project led by Andrea Greco, drummer, Dj and producer based in Bergamo. Forest lover’s with a fascination for signs and the ancient world. He has a special affinity for low frequencies, sonic experimentation, dance and communities.
As genre fluid producer, Laada is actively involved in experimental project like CupoCupo and FUCK!LACRÈME. Additionally, he co-founded Ono Collective and Inascolto, platforms that promote creative collaborations within the music community and cultural events.

✺ Talpah & Deepho
Never Sleep present Italys' finest Talpah & Deepho 'Nanne' EP.
Incorporating HipHop's never ending experimental spirit and molding it with next level electronic swing.
Huge bass weight, sonic pressure and Talpah's undeniable skill as a producer is at the forefront of the whole EP. Deepho signature flow blesses every beat with energy, charm and an ever changing cadence.
'Klakla' sets the tone with larger than life punk esoterics whilst 'Nessuno' see's Talpah flex his sound design with devastating FX. 'Sexy Pummarola' is nothing short of a club banger as Deepho explains his love for the late night romance meanwhile 'Taco' keeps the trench slime at peak NRG. 'Tallone' wraps the whole thing up with a beautiful reflective tone.
Completely in its own lane and two of the best in the Italian rap game right now.
Company Flow meet up with Antipop Consortium for some mortadella.

Hailing from Switzerland KA-RABA is a member of the OKRA Collective and local DJ based in Basel. Her sets are best described as Electronic Afrocentric sonic with a polyrhythmic and erratic approach to Diasporic club music. As a child of the diaspora in Europe, KA-RABA showcases music from the continent whilst drawing from the black roots of electronic music.
By finding ways to bring communities together through music, KA-RABA is as well a resident at the Swiss independent TRNSTN Radio in Fribourg, co-hosting a bimonthly that broadcasts and connects local artists from across Switzerland.

Dj, percussionist and producer based in Bergamo, member of FUCK!LACRÈME project and co-founder of Ono Collective. His sound explores Afro-Latin American genres where rolling patterns and percussive rhythms prevail, as the result of a research between the past and the contemporary and his background as a rhythmist in the samba schools of the Carioca Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and its rodas de samba.

Based in Bergamo, OᑎO is a collective of DJs and Producers born in 2021 to channel, spread and amplify musical subcultures and art practices through a community-centered experience.

@ Ink Club, via Carducci 4B, Bergamo
Bar services open from 9pm
Event starts from 10pm
Entry 5€ - reserved for ARCI members

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