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Ovo / Body Void (Us, Prosthetic Rec.)

Ovo / Body Void (Us, Prosthetic Rec.)


Event Ended
Thursday 6 Apr 2023 20:00 22:45


The Italian Noise-Rock duo OvO will be hitting the road with crushing Hardcore-Punk & Doom trio Body Void from the USA, who just released their latest EP "Burn The Homes Of Those Who Seek To Control Our Bodies".

OvO has been at the center of the worldwide Post-Rock, Industrial-Sludge and Avant-Doom scenes for two decades. Genre-expansive, OvO brings blackened elements to the forefront of a noisy canvas with sinister drone underpinnings. Like the soundtrack to your deepest fears, Ignoto is an album both profound and unsettling.

Body Void, originally formed in the spring of 2014 as Devoid, has the aim to combine the most extreme elements of hardcore punk and doom metal and already released three LPs and are preparing their fourth.

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