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Ragoo Records with the “Quinto Quarto”

Ragoo Records with the “Quinto Quarto”


Event Ended
Friday Mar 31, 2023 08:30 pm 12:30 am


Venerdì 31 Marzo
presentiamo il nuovo EP uscito per
Ragoo Records il 23 Marzo

ore 21 la presentazione dell' EP
Hancy e il suo format in Ventrina dal nome Vanilia is a Circus
ospita per due chiacchiere Daddario and Astratto

a seguire in Consolle Astratto and Daddario

Daddario debuts at Ragoo Records with the “Quinto Quarto” EP, a record that fuses beatmaking attitude with funk, disco and electro vibes. “Quinto Quarto”, which means entrails in Italian, is the result of a deep and meticulous musical research. From the broken funk of “Shift” to the heavy percussions of “Space Lou”, each track is full of grooves and details that showcase Daddario’s skills on the MPC as well as on synthesizers. The project is enriched by collaborations with percussionist JZP, guitarist Lorenzo Mantovani, bassist Michele Freguglia, trumpeter Matteo Pontegavelli, and two remixes from Astratto and The Mechanical Man.

Release Date 23rd March 2023
A1. Shift
A2. Boogie Night ft. JZP
A3. Space Lou
A4. Boogie Night ft. JZP (Astratto Fool Mix)
B1. Bank Robber
B2. Magic Circle
B3. Brazillionaire
B4. Brazillionaire (The Mechanical Man Remix)


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