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Je T'aime + Bebaloncar + Djs Lesley & Angelo Diba

Je T'aime + Bebaloncar + Djs Lesley & Angelo Diba


Friday Apr 26, 2024 09:00 pm


Ziggy Club in collaborazione con Black-Web Tourbooking è lieto di presentare il ritorno della band Parigina JE T'AIME!

Dopo i concerti selezione musicale by Lelsley (ElectroNation) e Angelo DiBa (Tuxedo)

Contributo artistico alla porta 12 euro
Prevendite a prezzo ridotto 8 euro (Disponibili fino a domenica 21 Aprile ore 12.00) A questo link:

Je T'aime:
dBoy, Tall Bastard, and Crazy Z. are "partners in crime". New Post-Punk and Coldwave danceable hybrid, they founded JE T'AIME in 2018 and released a first eponymous album coming out from the misty and sinnest dark catacombs of Paris. The music of the trio, signed to both Icy Cold Records and Manic Depression Records, is reminiscent of the great era of the Mancunian Factory.

From its first year, the band took part in some major events such as W-Fest and Owls & Bats Festival, while performing all over Europe. A live album called « Live At Gibus » recorded in Paris, followed immediately as a marker of this spectacular start.

In 2021, the band was silently focusing on more important work. They'd secluded themselves on the Brittany coast recording « PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE », an ambitious double album. The first part 'PASSIVE' was unveiled on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2022. The second part, 'AGRESSIVE', will be released on November 1st, the Day of the Dead.

Since then, the trio has been on the road again to defend this double album, with notable appearances at European festivals such as the Castle Party Festival in Poland, the NCN Festival in Germany, and the Extramuralhas Festival in Portugal.

PASSIVE STORY: Passive-aggressive behavior is a set of so-called passive attitudes that indirectly express a hidden hostility that is not openly assumed or remains unconscious to the subject.

The first eponymous album tells the story of a young man who has abandoned his wife in the middle of a party. We follow his adventures throughout this hellish night.

"PASSIVE/AGRESSIVE," tells us the continuation of this story which it is mainly about the regrets and remorse of our hero. His wife has left him, his daughter hates him, and even his dog has run away. It's the story of a magnificent loser constantly caught up in the past, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, hurting the people who love him and finding himself completely unable to evolve.

This double album "PASSIVE/AGRESSIVE", together with the eponymous first album, form a triptych on the theme of the Peter Pan syndrome and the difficulty of growing up.

(Psych Shoegazers from Bologna with legendary Scanna from Sciacalli, Primeteens, The Ugly Things)
New LP coming in early 2024

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